Exciting Snapchat App Features For Users


people love clicking snaps and sharing on socla media platforms,


Broadcast your latest snap in a story format that lasts for close to 24 hours.


there are multiple types of lenses to use in Snapchat such as face lenses, world lenses.


Snapchat is also known for regular filters such as the black/white filter or the filter that contains stars in it.


These kinds of filters are quite popular in the Snapchat clone apps.

Voice and Video Calls

Making voice or video calls to friends on Snapchat can help users stay connected globally.


People love chat apps, and Snapchat has created an app that can survive through chat messages, voice and video calls.


People use filters to create a photo and Snapchat converts it into a memory.

Snap Map

If users want to know the breaking news or get the latest trends, then Snap Map allows them to enjoy it.


The discover feature allows users to locate stories that are relevant to what other users share or image in general.

Bitmoji Reactions

There are 7 Bitmoji reactions available in Snapchat such as thumbs down, thumbs up, a heart, tears of joy, and a flame.