Top 10 Indian handicrafts for home decor

Bamboo Lamp

These kind of hanging bamboo lamps are eco-friendly and made of natural bamboo

Round Area Rug

A Rug is definitely a useful thing when is comes to usage and decor.

Jute Traditional Cushion covers

We all use cushions to get comfy seating as well as adds beauty to the sitting area.

Hand-Painted Wall Clock

Wooden and handpainted theme makes them close to art and I feel it is one the must have Indian handicrafts.

Teracotta Hanging Bell

Hanging bells and the bell sound brings such cheerfulness and positivity.

Mandala Art Wall paintings

Mandala Art is a kind of painting where a combination of dots brings out a masterpiece.

Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

the scientific significance this helps in home decor as well. Colourful and ecofriendly.

Iron Dhoop Incense Holder

I think this is a must have Indian handicraft.

Floral Planter Vase

You can go for these handcrafted blue pottery vases as planters and decoration.

Iron Wall Mirror

Mirrors are definitely a needed thing for everyone.